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This initiative is aimed at empowering economically disadvantaged young women in Nicaragua. It offers them the chance to learn valuable skills through three distinct courses: nail technician training, culinary arts, and party decoration, including piñata-making for kids. These courses provide a pathway for these women to become self-employed, attain financial autonomy, and alleviate economic burdens within their families.

Using knowledge gained from internships, a Babson College entrepreneurship course, and my own Coquette experiences, I provide assistance and marketing guidance to women participating in these courses.

Furthermore, 40% of Coquette's profits support this endeavor.

Our fantastic 3-month nail technician course equips women with the ability to create stunning acrylic nails and inspires them to start their own businesses.

During our 3-month culinary arts course, women master pastry-making and create delicious desserts. The aim is to provide them with the skills needed to establish their own pastry shops and bring a new source of income to their families.

Our fun decoration and piñata-making course brings creative abilities and nurtures the creative talents of our young participants, enabling them to craft beautiful decorating pieces for parties. 

A little talk

W/ our culinary artists


"Este curso ha sido muy bonito. Empezar a emprender nuestro negocio para ser una mejor persona en el futuro."

- Gabriela Mejia 

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